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We build software that ensures great work never goes unrecognized, unappreciated or unrewarded.

Who we are.

We’re a team of lifelong learners, passionate about affecting social change. We’re also a pretty fun group. We won’t bore you with more adjectives. See for yourself. 

What we do.

We're passionate about creating software that genuinely enriches the lives of our customers. Trust and transparency is the new currency of the internet.
We're looking for people as excited as we are about building the internet's trust platform.

Our customers love us. See why.

We're growing. Fast.

We're growing fast! In just two years NiceJob has more than quadrupled its revenue, grown to 15 full-time employees (up from 2 in Jan. 2018), gotten a downtown Vancouver office, and passed an annual revenue of $1.5 Million!

You'll love being part of the team...

While the corporate world tells you to sit down, shut up, and do your job — we do exactly the opposite. At NiceJob, we're going to teach you to dream (literally, because you'll be building stuff that doesn't exist yet.)

The Lifestyle You've Always Wanted.
With Unlimited Paid Vacation.
You'll own your work (everyone gets equity), have job security/stability, and will earn a highly competitive and rapidly increasing salary with unlimited paid vacation (with 2 week minimum enforced per year). Entrepreneurship is sexy.
Instant Belonging & Community
Everyone we hire fits our values of wanting to be inclusive, supportive, and your friend. We do fun things as a team, and focus on helping people over profit. You'll even get to decide who to work with as we grow.
Be Respected, Be Recognized
Pick your own projects; your ideas have value here; we hate hierarchies & bureaucracy. You'll be on a fast track to senior roles, and will be important from day one.
Reach Your Full Potential
You'll learn and grow with others from top universities + brilliant self-taught learners in a culture of mentorship. We don't stifle creativity. At NiceJob, you will make an impact.
All On Your Own Schedule + Security
You'll get flexible work hours, work-life harmony, a Gastown office to work from, & a great benefits package: 80-100% coverage with no premiums on dental, vision, extended medical, prescription drugs, and life insurance!

...If you share our values.

Read our 16 page culture outline

Responsibility and service to others in the most ethical and impactful way we can
Vibrant Community
Fostering friendships, diversity, and a balanced lifestyle between work and play
Humble Leadership
Not thinking less of ourselves, rather, thinking of ourselves less, while taking initiative
Data-Driven Magic
Being bold, taking risks and using data to create magical experiences for our customers
👑"You will be a key player from day one.
At NiceJob, you're improving peoples' lives every day for the better."
Tsavo Neal, NiceJob Website Specialist |  Glassdoor

Interview instantly, even now.

We have a very unique hiring process, here's how it works...

Round 1 - Apply with your resume
We'll have our systems analyze it, and if it looks like you're a good fit, you'll instantly be emailed step 2.
Round 2 - Motivation/Goal Fit Video Interview
We'll ask you a few questions about who you are and why you'd like to join us. Record your video responses and we'll check them out ASAP. Don't worry about dressing up.
Round 3 - Culture Fit Video Interview
If your initial videos look good, we'll invite you to do a second round of video interview question to see if you'd be a good culture fit for the company.
Round 4 - In-Office Introductions
If you make it this far, it's time we really got to know each other! You'll come see if you like our Gastown office and we'll sit down and have a chat together. Hopefully you'll be our next team member!

Want a better career? Apply below.

Don't see a job you like? Send your resume to talent@nicejob.co for future consideration! Diversity is welcome!

😍"I love working at NiceJob.
It's one of those jobs where you actually get energized instead of drained from working." 
Connor J. Wilson, Director of Growth | Facebook (NiceJob Careers reviews)

Meet your new crew.

Diversity and inclusion are important to us and we're actively building toward that. We assess candidates for culture add, not just culture fit.

Tsavo Neal

Product Manager, Convert
P̶i̶n̶g̶ Beer Pong Grandmaster

Leslie Mu


Connor J. Wilson

Director of Growth
Myers-Briggs Nerd

Dedy Cds

Back-end Developer
Hotfix Hero

Andrew Lake

Senior Full Stack Developer
Best Hair in the Office

Josua Leonard

Full-Stack Developer
Actually leaps from tall buildings in a single bound

Jo Owen

Customer Success Specialist
In vino veritas

Joel Pike

Customer Success Manager
Board game enthusiast

Devyn Perryman

Content Marketing Manager

Chloe Corking

Convert Web Strategist
Smiles a lot

Lars Kristensen

Bacon Connoisseur

Daniel Gutierrez

Customer Support Specialist
Lives in Costa Rica

Konrad Izykowski

Back-end Engineer
Will attempt to make you laugh

Shonnah Hoy

People & Experience Specialist
YouTube Famous

Anthony Bautista

Relationship Specialist
Certified Beer Judge

Nikki Chawla

Customer Support Specialist
An enthusiastic individual

Built with love in Vancouver, Canada.

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