Build a great reputation in just three steps.


When you finish a job, take a picture of it


Add a comment about what you did if you like


Enter your customers email or phone number and hit send

That’s it.  Your job is done.

Those 3 steps will get you more reviews, win new customers on social media and boost your SEO.
Get more great 5 star reviews
Your customer will get a beautiful review invite including a photo of your work.
Win new customers from social media
Stories and reviews are shared on all your social media sites, winning new customers.
Boost your search engine rankings
Stories and reviews are instantly publish to your website creating fresh locally targeted content.

And a bunch of other magic stuff happens, long after you’ve stopped thinking about it.

Automatic follow-ups

NiceJob automatically follows up with the customer to get the review

If they're happy

The customer is taken through a streamlined review process

If they're not happy

 Negative reviews are avoided and the customer can share private feedback.

Logged into Google?

The customer is taken through a streamlined review process

Not logged in?

We encourage them to leave a review on other review sites

You got yourself another great review.

"We have noticed an amazing jump in obtaining online reviews and customers love the emails and are happy to share. We've tried a lot of other methods to get reviews but we have never seen the reviews come in so quickly and effortlessly."

More good reviews.
Social media buzz.
SEO boost.
More sales.

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