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It’s the easiest way to get more reviews and sales.

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Bobby W. | TRT Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning

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Our reputation and review management software, combined with our custom made websites are all you need to grow your business. Read our reviews to find out why our marketing automation software can help your business. Proudly a Vancouver tech startup.


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Surpass your competitors. Get more reviews.

Win over twice as many reviews as competing tools with automated emails and text messages.

A simple experience for you and your customers

Getting reviews is tough, we've made it easy. All it takes is 2 clicks and 30 seconds.

NiceAI© review reminders

We detect if your customer hasn't left a review and send smart reminders — NiceAI© review reminders win over twice as many reviews than competing solutions.

Smart review distribution

NiceJob's smart funnel will distribute your reviews on the sites where they'll be seen most.

Automatic social media marketing. More leads.

Your customer stories become engaging social media posts, shared at just the right time to win new customers.

Automated sharing

We'll share your best stories across social media so you can spend your evenings with your family, not Facebook.

3x more engagement

NiceJob crafts perfect social media posts for you that drive up to 3x more engagement than sharing a text review.

Measure the results

See how many new potential customers have seen your customer stories, and which stories have been most effective.

Connect NiceJob to your favorite plumbing apps

Your contractor software hub – the tools to power your business.
Housecall Pro is built for service pros to efficiently run their business.
A new and better way to acquire, engage and retain customers.
Jobber helps home service businesses quote, schedule, invoice, and get paid — faster.
Get organized with simple accounting software built for your business.
Win more jobs at higher prices, and don't work nearly as hard to do it.
Follow up mail for repeat business and happy customers.
Zapier lets you integrate NiceJob with over 1,000 other applications.
A powerful and flexible customer service platform that scales.

"I do not want my competition to learn about NiceJob. It’s giving me a competitive edge."


CC Marsh

"From 20 to 130 reviews in just a few months! And our social media marketing had never looked better."


Micheal P.

"It's super easy and our reviews are going through the roof now."


Michael H.

Szymon Tylka

Advanced Window Cleaning

"My site is now ranking #1 across every category, beating Home Advisor and Thumbtack which were on top for quite sometime"

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Advanced Window Cleaning

Fantastic service!

Szymon Tylka

Advanced Window Cleaning

"My site is now ranking #1 across every category, beating Home Advisor and Thumbtack which were on top for quite sometime"

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