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Best Service Award

Spring 2020 winners announced February 28th 2020

NiceJob Rated businesses are recognized as the top service providers in their industry.

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NiceJob Rated Award

Spring 2021 winners announced March 2021!

NiceJob Rated businesses are recognized as the top service providers in their industry. For 2021, we will be debuting new categories for greater chances to qualify.


About the Award

This is recognition. This is recognition of all the energy you pour into offering your clients top-notch service day-in and day-out. And we believe that good work should be celebrated. 

At NiceJob, our mission is to help companies that do great work get the reputation they deserve. And that’s why we created the Best Service Award. 

This recognition is only awarded to the top 10% of businesses in their industry. Only companies that provide quality work and outstanding customer service as demonstrated through their reviews will be considered for the NiceJob Rated “Best Service” Award. 

Will we see you in the winner circle?

How to be eligible
  • You have sent review invites to 90% of the customers you have serviced in the last 6 months. 
  • You must have a NiceJob account (free or paid) with your review sites and Customer Relationship Management software connected. To be eligible, you must have a NiceJob account even if you are using an alternative review collection tool to send review invites.
How to win
  • If you meet the above eligibility requirements, you must be in the top 10% of the average review ratings in your industry for all new reviews, from all connected review sites within the last 6 months. 
  • Winners are selected by a NiceJob committee and announced in March 2021. All NiceJob users will be considered. 
  • We recommend that you follow our Facebook page and join our user group to get updates & announcements.
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Benefits of Winning

Top-rated businesses win more sales, at higher prices, with less work, and grow faster.

Distinguished Honours
Certification for Best Service in the industry to be displayed for new and existing customers. Differentiate your business from the local competition with this distinguished trust badge.
Industry Recognition
Winners will be featured in a press release with a backlink to your website, showing Google and other search engines you’re an authority in your industry.
First Access
Winners receive first-access to new features and NiceJob products, pushing your business ahead of the curve.

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About NiceJob

NiceJob is a marketing software company that helps businesses that do great work get the reputation they deserve. We provide a suite of tools to empower businesses to solicit reviews from their customers, and then use those reviews to grow their business.

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